Blocklet Mobility Platform

A new frontier for commerce.


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Connect to new market opportunities.

Improvements in vehicle connectivity have transformed cars into economic actors, opening new avenues for commerce. More efficient usage-based services and in-car purchases offer strong values to OEMs, fleet carriers, and consumers. McKinsey projects that this market opportunity will grow $750 billion by 2030. Blocklet Mobility Platform provides hardware-secured wallets for cars, enabling OEMs to tap into a massive market for trusted vehicle payments and increasing vendors’ ability to drive revenue through greater engagement with customers.

  • A growing revenue market for OEMs.
  • New touchpoints for vendor engagement.
  • Trusted wallets for trusted execution.

Blocklet™ Mobility Platform is a turnkey Vehicle Identity (VID) solution designed exclusively for connected vehicle applications. It addresses the pain of large-scale automotive blockchain adoption by making data verification simple and vehicle transactions secure, from source to application.