Learn from Experienced Blockchain Experts

You are exploring blockchain. We’ve executed blockchain in real-world pilots and implementations. We’ll transfer the knowledge that comes from hands-on experience in workshops, where we teach you everything from the basics of blockchain to developing a solution and connecting to a distributed ledger ecosystem.


Complete Solution and Implementation Knowledge

Filament is unique in that we offer hardware, software, and services for blockchain. And, we’ve been key members of the community developing blockchain standards and protocols. Not only can we educate you on each part of a complete distributed ledger technology (DLT) solution, we can provide the rationale behind the state of technology to date and insight on where it goes next.


From DLT 101 to Advanced Level Instruction

Our process starts with determining how knowledgable your team is. Then, through tailored education, one-to-many instruction and pair programming, we work through how you can use our Blocklet technology to set up a pilot program proving the value of blockchain for your enterprise.

Learning by doing is a core concept for us. In workshops, you’ll be using our products and have access to sample code, as well as application programming interfaces (APIs), so you can apply what you’ve heard from our team.

We provide:

An overview of Filament’s hardware and software solutions

An understanding of what the Blocklet Kit is and how it fits into a distributed ledger ecosystem

How to integrate and program with the Blocklet Kit

Exploring and prioritizing applicable use cases to apply Filament technology

Empower Machines in a Blockchain-Driven Ecosystem

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