Learn more about the thinking, technology, and protocols behind Filament as we develop the first fully decentralized stack for the Internet of Things.

Filament Materials and Whitepapers

A Declaration of Device Independence

The future of computing is at a crossroads. As our understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the power of embedded computing reaches beyond wearables and home automation, something bigger is emerging. But since these points in time don't come along too often, it's critical to consider the possible outcomes.

Foundations for the Next Economic Revolution: Distributed Exchange and the Internet of Things (PDF)

This paper gives an overview of the Filament protocol stack and approach to smart contracting for IoT devices. Protocols covered include:

  • Telehash - end-to-end message encryption
  • TMesh - self-forming radio mesh networks
  • Blockname - device identity and discovery
  • Blocklet - smart contracts and microtransactions