Blocklet Foundation Kit

Bring Blockchain to the Edge of the IoT

Filament Blocklet Foundation Kit Products

Blocklet Foundation Kit includes everything embedded and IoT developers need to empower connected machines with transactive value and leverage them for new revenue opportunities through distributed ledger technology (DLT). This preconfigured suite can be used online or offline to demonstrate attestation-driven smart contracts and peer-to-peer transactions between devices on a cryptographic ledger.

We’ll do the heavy lifting. With any level of technical training or blockchain background, embedded and IoT developers can build and test complex, blockchain-based business solutions for edge devices and systems.

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Filament Blocklet Foundation Kit Products

A Full Suite of Tools for Embedded and IoT Developers

Computer and IoT Device Interface

The blockchain development kit’s pre-loaded tablet provides the building blocks for Blocklet experimentation. A connected device and interface demonstrate how the technology secures an IoT gateway and hardware integration.

Blocklet Enclaves and IoT Breadboard

Blocklet enabled hardware provides plug-and-play blockchain functionality for existing machines, making it easy to provide any device with a verifiable identity. The breadboard provides a functional way for developers to test Blocklet in an embedded environment.

Hands-On Support

Filament’s blockchain consulting experts provide resources, training, and technical support every step of the way as developers explore blockchain deployments and launch pilot projects.