Blocklet Enclaves

Digital Transformation on Legacy Machines

Blocklet Enclaves bring data attestation to any machine, at the sensor level. Powered by Filament’s Blocklet, Blocklet Enclaves are compatible with universal serial bus (USB), universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART), and on-board diagnostics (OBD). They provide blockchain native functionality and a trusted, transactive environment to connect legacy machines and equipment to the IoT.

Filament’s Blocklet Enclaves provide machines with secure identity and authentication. Embedded with Blocklet firmware, the devices allow the transfer of immutable data between machines and distributed ledgers. This enables execution of sensitive transactions requiring uncompromised device identification and digital signatures.


Filament’s Blocklet USB Enclave enables existing machines to securely execute transactions on a blockchain.



Our Blocklet UART Enclave provides plug-and-play blockchain functionality for developers.


Blocklet TVA is a secure and flexible blockchain platform designed exclusively for connected vehicles.

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Blocklet Chip

The Future of Connected Industry


Blocklet Chip™ is a patented, IoT-optimized trusted execution environment (TEE) for the future of machine-to-machine (M2M) automation. It provides transactive functionality powered by embedded Blocklet firmware with a smaller footprint than other distributed ledger technology (DLT) native hardware.

Available as a system in package (SiP), Blocklet Chip requires less than coin-cell power and can be installed directly on a board. Using Blocklet Chip, enterprises can immediately use blockchain to attest data, directly from vehicle sensors or within any connected machine. 

SiP chips provide soft acceleration of cryptographic code for DLT proof of concept, pilot, or production implementations.


Data attestation from the source of machine data provides immutable records, digital identity for each device, and secure transacting. When every individual machine in the system has its own cryptographic identity, enterprises ensure the utmost security standards are met.


Automated, machine-level chain of custody allows approved parties to see a timestamped, clear distributed ledger of what happened, between whom and when. Evolution to chain of context capabilities, providing location data, and other key information to drive value.


Blockchain-based rules allow smart contracting and automated value transactions. Delivers an unprecedented level of machine automation, intelligence, and independence.