Hardware and software to power the industrial Internet of Things

Filament offers an integrated hardware and software solution that enables self-forming wireless mesh networks over long-range radio.


The physical elements of a Filament network are its low-power hardware nodes, which connect existing machinery and industrial infrastructure to the network, or directly to each other.

On-premise Tracking

Ruggedized device equipped with GPS and long-range radios for on-premise tracking of unpowered assets. Multiple years of battery life and no dependence on cellular networks or WiFi.

Wireless Monitoring

Devices with onboard environmental sensors securely form long-range, miles-long networks that collect and transmit data to cloud services or on-sight analytics platforms.

Modular Low-power Core

Private-key storage, 4µA sleep current, and both short and long range radios. Filament's wireless core enables end-to-end encrypted wireless communication to any custom hardware.


Filament provides firmware and software for provisioning and managing network deployments in any environment. Our technology stack enables secure communications and private exchanges between devices, making it possible for machines to interact with any other device or endpoint.

Simple Software for Network Management

Filament offers a lightweight interface for managing integrations, provisioning devices (via BLE) and monitoring network health. This interface is also accessible via mobile phones and tablets for network setups in the field.

Built-In, Always-On Security

The Patch features secure, hardware-backed key storage for on-device cryptography and authentication. Network communications are 100% end-to-end encrypted at all times. The protocols enforce strict privacy so that no content, identity, or metadata is ever revealed to third parties.

Data Where It's Needed

Devices can run basic scripting functions to optimize network operations, data sensing, and actuation. Filament's real-time REST/streaming API integrates with most cloud-based analytics and logging services, making it easy for applications to access data from the mesh network through a private cloud or over the Internet.