Hardware and software to power the enterprise and the industrial Internet of Things

Filament offers hardware and software solutions that enable machines and devices to securely interact with and transact against a blockchain.

Blockchain Starter Kit

Filament’s Blocklet™ Kit is a comprehensive package of hardware, software, training, and technical support designed to help enterprises adopt, integrate, and participate in distributed ledger technologies (DLTs). This end-to-end blockchain starter kit makes it easy and affordable for corporations to get started with DLT/blockchain proofs of concept, pilots, and production deployments. Download our Blocklet Kit Product Overview to learn more.

Blocklet Kit for Trusted Vehicle Applications

Just announced! Our Blocklet for Trusted Vehicle Applications (TVA) is an automotive blockchain platform that enables vehicle OEMs to create a wide range of new products and services. When combined with our Blocklet Kit, Blocklet TVA is a comprehensive blockchain solution for connected vehicle applications. Learn more.


Filament's Blocklet USB Enclave is an industry first! It is designed to enable existing industrial and enterprise machines to securely execute transactions on a blockchain. Now, the world’s largest companies can launch blockchain proof of concept, pilots, and production deployments by simply plugging the device into any legacy machine with a USB-compatible port.

Coming Soon – Our Blocklet Chip™ is a low cost, IoT-optimized Trusted Execution Environment with a small footprint and less than coin-cell power requirements.


Our Blocklet™ software is a secure contract system designed for embedded devices. It manages a cryptographic chain-of-custody all the way from individual components through printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, product manufacturing, delivery to customers, and on-site provisioning.

Take your enterprise and IIoT connectivity
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