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Tesla Hacking – A Technical Spotlight

In the past, the OBD-II port has been used as a diagnostic tool to ensure regulatory compliance around carbon emissions. Today, OBD-II ports are more relevant for their usage with telematic solutions, especially for fleet management as they are typically the easiest place to access the vehicle CAN bus. As fleets explore switching from combustion to electric vehicles, they’re discovering that many of their telematics devices aren’t compatible with new EVs. We had to find another way to get at that information.

Join us at MOCO, Los Angeles November 12-13th!

Join us at MOBI’s 2019 Colloquium, MOCO, on November 12th-13th in Los Angeles! We’re excited to demo a vehicle-to-infrastructure solution that delivers trusted vehicle wallet solutions for multi-stakeholder environments. As cities become more congested and city managers look for alternatives to tolls and gas-based taxes, Filament’s Blocklet Mobility Platform offers a GDPR-compliant blockchain-based solution that […]

Mobility Needs More Than Blockchain. Here’s Why. Part 3 of 3

Today. Pragmatic Protections in a Production Environment. Which brings us to today. DLT technology has provided some really intriguing means through which parties can interact freely with each other by participating in a distributed system that is owned by no one party, but available to them all, and can begin to not only provide verifiable […]

Mobility Needs More Than Blockchain. Here’s Why. Part 2 of 3

Why Trust Took So Much Time to Scale A recent development in this area of computer science is the invention of a data structure called a blockchain. It was the first example of a class of solutions loosely categorized as distributed ledger technologies–or DLTs–that provided some very strong guarantees around dealing with the time synchronization […]

Mobility Needs More Than Blockchain. Here’s Why. Part 1 of 3.

The Big Bang Behind Blockchain: Decentralized Systems In the world of computer science, distributed systems theory has been hard at work attempting to model complex systems in algorithms. These are difficult problems to solve–issues such as time synchronization across the system, the avoidance of the creation of many fake accounts that mimic real participants, addressing […]

Get Blockchain up and running in less than 5 days

Blocklet Foundation Kit and Accelerator Services help get distributed ledger technology at the edge of the IoT up and running in a few days.

Filament Presents Blockchain for Transportation at Infrastructure Technology Day

Innovative companies share insights with Nevada legislature on advanced technologies including AI, IoT, and blockchain for transportation.

Filament’s Automotive Blockchain Solution Wins NTT DATA Open Innovation Award

Proud to be in the top 10 finalists selected at the NTT DATA Global Open Innovation Contest 9.0 in San Francisco.

Enterprise Blockchain in 2019

Filament’s outlook on what’s ahead for enterprise blockchain.

Supply Chains and Switzerland: Hyperledger’s Inaugural Global Forum

Hyperledger business blockchain technologies from across the globe meet, align, and plan together in-person.

Daimler Trucks North America Rolls into Enterprise Blockchain with Filament

How enterprise blockchain technology is shaping mobility’s future with source generated, trusted and transparent data.

Automotive Blockchain Platform for Connected Vehicles Drives New Opportunities

Filament’s Blocklet for Trusted Vehicle Applications is the first end-to-end automotive blockchain platform that plugs into vehicles to enable blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Building Industrial IoT Blockchain Applications Just Got Easier with our Blockchain Starter Kit

Filament’s new blockchain starter kit delivers tech, training, and support to help accelerate distributed ledger technology initiatives.

Automotive Blockchain and IoT 

Filament receives Frost & Sullivan 2018 Visionary Innovation Award for its leadership in the automotive enterprise and Industrial Internet of Things market.

Mobility and Blockchain — Driving in the Right Direction

Filament joins MOBI to collaborate with the industry on creating the mobility economy.

Plugging into Blockchain

Filament’s Blocklet hardware in a USB form factor means blockchain acceleration for businesses with legacy devices and machines.

Filament Furthers Blockchain Legislation in Colorado

Senate Bill 086 Establishes Colorado as the Newest State to Introduce Pro-Blockchain Legislation.

Moving Blockchain through the Freight Industry

Filament has joined the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTA), a consortium that brings technology and transportation leaders together to develop new standards and solutions for the freight industry.

Advancing Blockchain for Business

We’ve joined the Hyperledger global consortium to collaborate on blockchain and IoT-centric solutions that will set new industry standards.

It Just Got Real

We’ve created the technology that will take enterprise and Industrial IoT connectivity benefits to the next level.