Automate your business,
without second guessing your data.

Blocklet™ Mobility Platform is a fully hosted, integrated solution that delivers revenue automation capabilities through a trusted and privacy-compliant vehicle data platform.

Building the future of
automotive services, today.

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Simple integration from vehicle to infrastructure

Blocklet Mobility Platform handles everything from vehicle attestation and wallet functionality to automating the business logic that drives revenue for your company.

Production or Pilot?
We have you covered.

Pricing and integration options to fit every scale of deployment.

Embedded or Aftermarket?

Embedded options are the lightest weight, but just as powerful, options for direct integration into vehicles and components. Aftermarket options give you the most flexibility when working with fleets, or small scale deployments.

Firmware & Chip


Automate your business processes.

Collect data from components and vehicles to drive your business process and revenue use cases.

Automated transactions through smart contracts.

Leverage trusted data to drive automated real-time and usage-based payments.

Deployment size

Production, Pilot or PoC

select interface

Data reporting requirements

Vehicle setup

Setup use-cases and 3rd party integrations for data


Automate interactions, reporting and payments

The future of automotive services depends on trust you can prove.

Blocklet Mobility Platform connects your entire vehicle, passenger and infrastructure ecosystem through a simple integration. It’s the most straightforward path for automakers and OEMs to transform vehicles into revenue-generating platforms for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Simple Integration
A fully managed, hosted and turnkey solution.
GDPR & CCPA Compliant
Data privacy and data security from the very beginning.
Trusted Smart Contract Automation
Smart Contracts enable automation on everything from Trusted Wallets for Usage Based Pricing to Trusted Vehicle History for increased Residual Value.

Transform your vehicles into platforms that delivers new services to your customers and new revenue to your company.

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