Plugging into Blockchain

Plugging into Blockchain

Filament’s Blocklet hardware in a USB form factor means blockchain acceleration for businesses with legacy devices and machines.

I’m at Consensus 2018 in New York City this week. In its fourth year, this is one of the industry’s largest and most anticipated blockchain technology summits of the year. On Monday, I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel about on-device key management. It was a great discussion covering the rapidly growing need for embedded blockchain technology for IoT machines to enable secure transactions.

The panel coincided with Filament’s announcement of our Blocklet™ hardware in a USB form factor. We created this first of its kind device for companies that want to start blockchain pilots and need a way to integrate the necessary hardware into legacy machines.

At Filament, we see this demand first hand, as we speak with new organizations every week looking to solve this challenge. Auto manufacturers that want to plug the USB device into cars to record diagnostics, municipalities interested in integrating it into smart energy meters to issue renewable energy credits, and cattle ranchers that want to use the device to track their beef from the ranch all the way through to the retailers, are just a few examples from recent memory. The fact that the interest is so broad, spread across so many verticals, is a consistent reminder that we are doing something important.

Our new device is truly plug-and-play. It can be plugged into any system with a USB compatible port. And, our hardware has been designed to interact with multiple blockchains. Together, these features give companies increased flexibility and the opportunity to fast track proof of concepts (POCs), pilots, and production deployments.

For businesses with legacy machines and equipment, it really boils down to the fact that in order to achieve success with distributed ledger technology, they need on-device, blockchain native security. By allowing existing machines to independently execute and record transactions on a blockchain, the device creates digital trust. The ability to provide undeniable attestation and provenance is the key to unlocking real value and a future filled with new opportunities.

At Consensus, the energy and innovation in all areas of blockchain and distributed ledgers is inspiring. In the world of connected machines, it is a particularly exciting time, as IoT and blockchain are converging at an even faster pace than many expected. With our new device that is ready to plug into any USB port, pilots and POCs are already underway and the journey to enterprise blockchain production is in sight.

We look forward to sharing the exciting stories of our work with partners and customers, as businesses and operations are transformed through the power of blockchain.

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