Filament Furthers Blockchain Legislation in Colorado

Filament Furthers Blockchain Legislation in Colorado

Senate Bill 086 Establishes Colorado as the Newest State to Introduce Pro-Blockchain Legislation.

In 2017, Filament worked with Senator Ben Kieckhefer and the Nevada Legislature to unanimously pass Senate Bill 398 (SB398), a blockchain technology bill that “laid out a welcome mat” for technology companies in our Silver State. SB398 prevented localities in Nevada from imposing license requirements, fees, or incidental taxes on the private use of blockchain technology, and since its passage, the technology sector in Nevada has flourished.

We’re happy to announce that we’re doing it again, this time in Colorado, home of Filament’s second largest office. Late on the night of April 4, 2018, the Colorado State Senate voted to pass Senate Bill 086(SB086). This bill encourages the State of Colorado to use blockchain technology internally for information security, innovation, and efficiency. It also incorporates much of the language of Nevada’s SB398, providing a safe environment for tech startups and blockchain innovators in Colorado — and we helped write and advance it!

Filament worked with the bill’s sponsors, Senator Lambert, Senator Williams, Representative Ginal, and Representative Rankin to ensure that it sets Colorado ahead of other states in the blockchain industry, as we did in Nevada. The breadth of the potential use cases for blockchain technology is enormous, ranging from provenance of goods to voting to energy exchanges and beyond.

We believe that making sure the field remains open for future innovation is essential. There will be radically transformative applications for blockchain technology that none of us can yet envision — applications that will change all our lives for the better. As a blockchain technology startup, we strive to exercise thoughtful leadership within the industry. Good policy drives us, and SB086 is good policy, allowing tech startups to be confident that their company is safe doing business in Colorado.

Filament was honored to work with Senators Lambert and Williams on the amendments to this bill, it’s a step towards broader adoption of both public and private uses for blockchain technology in Colorado. SB086 also enjoys the support of Colorado’s Office of Information Technology and the Governor’s Office, as well as bipartisan sponsorship in both houses.

Next stop for SB086 is the Colorado State House, where it will enter committee, be heard on the House Floor, and then — hopefully — move quickly to the Governor’s desk for signing. If passed, it will ensure a welcoming environment for blockchain and other technology companies in Colorado, as SB398 did here in Nevada.

Wendy Stolyarov, Director of Government Affairs

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