Deploy a long-range
wireless network anywhere.

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Build the business,
not the network.

Filament lets you build a connected business without becoming an expert on security, scalability, or network stacks. Blanket a factory in sensors, or control the streetlights of an entire city - our standalone networks span miles and last for years, all without WiFi or cellular.

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Deploy networks instantly with the Tap,
or build custom hardware with the Patch.

The Tap

The Tap lets you wirelessly monitor and control devices or equipment in just a few minutes.

  • Long-range wireless - up to 10 miles
  • Built-in environmental sensors
  • Integrates with external sensors and devices
  • Long-life batteries last for years
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The Patch

The Patch provides drop-in wireless connectivity for your custom hardware.

  • Secure, all-range connectivity
  • Certified surface-mount module
  • Dedicated crypto hardware
  • Sub-GHz and BLE chip antennas
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Secure networking

Our distributed software and firmware platform enables a full range of communication and value exchange.

  • Telehash - end-to-end message encryption
  • TMesh - self-forming radio mesh networks
  • Blockname - private device discovery
  • Blocklet - smart contracts and microtransactions
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Quick and easy to set up

No wires, no configuration, no stress.

  • Simple device provisioning
  • Networks form on their own
  • Manage your devices with our HQ app
  • Use a gateway to upload data to the cloud
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