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Maximize the potential of connected devices.

Our new Blocklet™ application software and Blocklet Chip™ hardware solutions enable connected machines and devices to transact and exchange value against a blockchain, taking enterprise and industrial IoT connectivity benefits to the next level. Here are just a few applications of our technology.

Device-to-blockchain transactions

  • Encrypted signing of device data for direct participation in distributed ledger architectures
  • Enables quality and reliable input from physical items for provenance, chain-of- custody, and supply chain implementations

Data sharing

  • Authorize and sign transactions between machines in real-time, without access to connectivity or a cloud
  • On-premise interoperability between systems run by different manufacturers or operating systems

Gated access control

  • Embedded access control and badging for use of machines or equipment
  • Hardened defense against bad actors and hackers from device and network attacks


  • Machine-to-machine microtransactions for data, latent bandwidth, or available compute in a network of devices
  • Validate and timestamp sensor or usage data for exchange on data markets

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